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SD System (Defense)

The SD system is very simple to understand and provides a greater layer of defense to the character and generates a more frenetic and diverse PvP. It is a defense system that is used during PvP (only) being an extension of HP, when taking damage during a battle, 90% of this damage received goes to the SD, while the remaining 10% goes to the HP. When the damage received is greater than the available SD, the SD will be depleted and then the remaining damage is applied directly to the character's HP (causing death).

Identifying the SD on the hud

The SD is indicated by the yellow bar next to the life crystal (HP).

Creating SD Potions

Chaos Machine

All combinations performed in this guide will be done in the Chaos Machine located in the Noria map at coordinate 180, 100.

In the Chaos Machine options, you will choose the first combination option called REGULAR COMBINATION. See the example below indicating where you should click:


See below how many ingredients are needed to create each SD recovery potion:

Small SD PotionSD PotionLarge SD Potion
03 Large Healing Potion03 Small Complex Potion03 Complex Potion

After entering the ingredients into the Chaos Machine, click the COMBINE button. See the example below indicating where you should click:


You will receive a potion according to the ingredients added in the machine.


All items will be consumed without exception.